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Mashayekhi and Anahita Rezvani

What a find. You really shouldn’t be buying this stuff until you at least know how to pronounce it but this I recommend to the most tongue tied and non-savvy Farsi novice, it speaks a Babylonian language so crisp and ear-catching, with a huge amount of depth. The most surprising thing is the history and the legacy of Mashayekhi, though he is still alive it seems the man is having a second life now mixing with Warp-signed Sote (more on him both later and previously).

Everything from his drawings to his philosophy is only matched by his depth of philosophy, he really is unique, especially considering his background: for example the govnerment in Iran has never funded any symphonic works so he and a few others set up the Tehran Contemporary Music Group and in 1995 established the Iranian Orchestra for New Music.

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