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Inside the Mind of Clive Collier

A studio visit by Director of the film company “Storm Creation Ltd“: Clive Collier.

Grandson and great-grandson of two Iranian poet laureates under the Shah, Clive was adamant that he was going to jazz dance the answers to Fari’s questions. However Clive was far too interesting to deviate from his work, his life, his thoughts into some abstract creativity. With only half an hour we managed to brush on his milestone work where he single handedly put together “Sanctuary” the only documentary on Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance, his present project the release “Eureka: The Mind of Edgar Allen Poe“. He also treated us to some early work on the soundtracks to his Poe project, which already capture the Gothic complexities of both the man’s mind and the era he lived in.

Clive is also a technical editor of Showreel magazine and is not above taking the train from Brighton to grace us with his presence. I hope he will return with translations of his forefather’s poetry, more stories and some work about Allen Poe which if I know Clive, will be insightful, intuitive and inspiring.

Thank You

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