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Lilly Ladjevardi and Women’s Cinema: Tangiers to Tehran

Lilly LadjevardiFilm maker and esteemed music librarian Lilly Lajevardi visits the studio to discuss what it means to sit with Charlie Gillet four hours every week to help select music for one of his BBC World music shows. Anyone who comes highly recommended by Charlie Gillet is welcome on Six Pillars to Persia.

Lilly made her name through music entrepreneurship and elegance, mixing with corporates and high falooting businesses (e.g. Annabell’s in Mayfair), basically any business that require musical and ambient direction. Lilly was one of the first people to conceive of an in-house music service, where fitting tunes were selected for play in hotels and other venues, as bespoke music libraries for the space. For those who have no time or confidence to browse the web and trawl the record store, Lilly is your consultant. Otherwise Lilly is a very down to earth person, working with award winning documentary film maker Kika Vliegenthart who she met in the Sahara. Together they film subjects as far removed from each other as Hong Kong city lights and camels chewing quietly.

See her website for samples of her wall projections HERE

Find out more about the film festival mentioned on: TANGIERS TO TEHRAN

Six Pillars to Persia is an English language program focusing on Persian heritage and modern Iranian culture. From rebel artists and exiled writers to social entrepreneurs the multifarious guest list builds a picture of the hotchpotch that is the Iranian diaspora in the arts now. (pictured left:Lilly in Qatar)

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