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Three Women – Competition

We have ten tickets to give away for a 9-11pm screening on September 5th at Cine Lumiere, 17 Queensberry Place London, SW7 2DT. UK Iranian Film Festival celebrate summer with a series of imaginative events, of which this screening of a poetic study of contemporary women in Iran is one.

Iran / 2008 / 94 min / Dir. Manijeh Hekmat / Persian with English subtitles

3 Women is the second feature film by Manijeh Hekmat, who received international acclaim for her first film Women’s Prison (2002). Hekmat`s tale of three women in contemporary Iran follows a moment of upheaval in the lives of a mother, grandmother and daughter. Heavy with analogy, the film centre around Minoo (played by Niki Karimi, a well-known Iranian actress), an expert weaver, who puts everything on the line to rescue an antique rug for a Tehran museum. In the process her mother who suffers from dementia and her daughter are lost to her.

Beginning in the whirlwind modern life of the city the film jumps seemingly back in time as the scene changes to the more traditional and heavy-paced world of rural Iran. Pegah goes on a personal journey into the villages, while her mother uncovers the story of an earlier journey by her own grandmother of which she had hitherto known nothing. The movie very poignantly covers the tribulations of an older generation who are rendered somewhat helpless by being able only to relate to the past, a current generation via the mother, who battle to save the cultural threads of the past and the future and struggle to survive in both modern and the inherited roles, and a future generation who attempt to find their way in life: aspiring to do something different find meaning and yet still preserve their cultural heritage (in this, symbolised by a carpet). The movie is about each one of them finding their links to the past and reconciling this with the present and future.

Q & A session to be confirmed.

To win a pair of free tickets simply name any other Iranian film with ‘women’ or ‘woman’ in the title. Send answers in to sixpillarstopersia @ resonancefm dot com by Sunday 28th August. Winners announced live on air Monday 29th August.

Born in 1962 in Arak, Iran Manijeh Hekmat is a prolific figure in Iranian cinema. Since 1980, Hekmat acted as an assistant director and production designer in 25 feature films. Women’s Prison (2002) was her debut feature film that is based on her long studies and field-works on Iranian women prisoners, has been shown in 80 international film festivals and received 7 prizes. 3 Women (2007) is Manijeh Hekmat’s second film. Her films are NGOs in Iran (2003), Women Come Out of the House (2006).

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  1. The Sheila Variations ran an in February 2011. My own response can be found ; in it, I remomcend Sohrab Sahid Saless’s Still Life (1974), which you can view on YouTube , and Abolfazl Jalili’s Don (1998), which is hard to come by, at least in the UK. Both of these are masterpieces.To the Samira Makhmalbaf title I’ll add two more: The Apple (1998) and At Five in the Afternoon (2003). To Panahi’s titles, add The Circle (2000). I’d also remomcend Rafi Pitts’ It’s Winter (2006).

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