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Middle Eastern Photography – 12th & 18th December

Omid Salehi “My Car is My Love” series

Highlights of a conversation between writer Malu Halasa with curator Rose Issa at the National Portrait Gallery December 2011. “Documentary portrayals of reality can threaten the preferred narratives of authoritarian religious regimes […] and can also thwart Western misconceptions.”  From the pamphlet by Malu Halasa Alternative Histories especially for the Chasing Mirrors season of which this discussion was part.

This show will air Monday 13,30 and repeat Sunday 20.30 GMT

3 thoughts on “Middle Eastern Photography – 12th & 18th December

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  2. Hi Sheyma, I can only podcast when there’s time which is rare. I’m looking into doing the whole lot formally, one show a week since 2007 is a fair amount to get through. Until then it’s old school radio broadcasting: tune in or miss it I’m afraid.

  3. hi, id like to know if this program will be available somewhere on line, incase i miss it. come to think of it, if you have an archive at all it would be great to go through. Thanks.

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