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Afghani City Scars and Crude Oil Silk Screens

Piers Secunda is confident when he talks about about his sculpted paintings, for which he uses extremely thick paint as a sculpting medium. And this is not the only art process he subverts. By taking crude oil as the basis of his silk screen prints of early oil drilling in 1930’s USA, he willingly conflates medium and topic matter while professing that he has no political position to take.

In our interview Secunda discusses the hairy moments spent collecting bullet hole casts at an Afghanistan suicide bomb attack site and his thought process behind his solo show on display last month at Aubin Gallery, London.

My notes are: Aubin did a great job creating the space as set out by Secunda, the artist spent a little time understanding the place on his short visit after casting the bullet holes – this didn’t come out in the show, I would have appreciated that, with Secunda technical interest supersedes international relations and politics, none of the history of crude oil protest in art is referenced although I see the silk screens as direct decedents from the long history of art-protest against oil especially at the Tate in 2010, and finally the Taliban were funded by the US in the Soviet-Afghan war during the 80s, perhaps some of the bullet holes he has cast were even made with guns left over from that terrible era.

This show is broadcast Monday 9th January, 13.30 GMT, repeated Sunday 15th 20.30 GMT.

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