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BBC Radio 3 – Iran Special

Jafar Panahi at home with his pet dragon

BBC3’s flagship arts and ideas programme Nightwaves invited us on to take a look at Iran this week, this is your last chance to listen. Originally we were meant to cover A Separation, This is Not a Film and the ambitious The House of Bernarda Alba, somehow Panahi’s letter from Iran This Is Not a Film was left by the wayside for nearly the entire show. In truth, however there was a lot to cover. Each time we discuss Iran we seem to go farther and farther back into history. It is a double sided coin one side spells despair the other optimism. But why does this always need to happen? Is it simply because Iran cannot or should not forget, or a more complex scenario: because the ills of the past remain unresolved, un-atoned for, unexplained on the scale it ought to have been and so the wound continues to bleed.

In any case, this discussion is one of the thousands needed between us, between those in government to bring a proper understanding of two cultures to each other, to avoid a war, to avoid more destructive isolation. Who knows, in our lifetime there may be co-operation, and something beautiful might even happen.

Thank You

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