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ImageMay 14th – Back from the Brink – An Audio Portrait
Kouroush Yaghmaie brought psyche to Iran. He lived his music from his teens to adulthood until banned from singing, he was forced to produce children’s songs under a pseudonym for 19 years. His new album Back from the Brink comes as a CD and book, the extensive and detailed text by Kouroush Yaghmaei himself. Six Pillars has created a unique audio piece featuring a voice narrating over the songs, reading the words of the man who for so long could not speak out.
ImageMay 21st – FLOCK
Iran, 1921 a time of both decadence and austerity. Three children journey across Iran to the legendary Lake Urmia in search of their father, led on this “rite of passage” by an enigmatic companion given them by their dying mother. Inspired by the 13th century epic poem by Sufi Attar, Conference of the Birds, FLOCK explores humanity’s troubled pursuit of leadership and the need to belong. We talk to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne’s ZENDEH theatre company’s director about how they use their trademark mix of theatre, dance and circus to tell the story of FLOCK.