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Tonight’s Six Pillars – Tehran to Tyneside, with Shiraz Haq

i-am-nasrine7.30-8pm – an interview with Shiraz Haq, lead actor in BAFTA-nominated I Am Nasrine. Haq discusses the film’s themes and the making of in the ResonanceFM studio. Newcastle’s Tina Gharavi wrote and directed this coming of age tale which Sir Ben Kingsley called “an important and much-needed film.” Involving characters in the gypsy traveller communities in Tyneside, the film looks at the effects of displacement, self-censorship and the effects on the identity of any migration – do we evolve into another version of ourselves as we adapt to new surroundings, or does the move galvanise who were are and thereby offer another kind of personal evolution? These ideas are explored by Bruce Chatwin in ‘An Anatomy Of Restlessness‘ (1997).  The film has only one single screening in London at the moment, and one in Sunderland and Newcastle in 2013.