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Baaroot – From Void To Void – باروت – از هیچ به هیچ – زمان‌گرد

Contemporary piano, electronica and vocals create an atmospheric, cinematic vibe here in this new track ‘Repetitious‘ by Baaroot. The rest of Baaroot’s new album release From Void  to Void, continues the sense of magnitude and drama, incorporating strings and programmed electronic soundscapes. Several tracks followed a regular, martial beat –  as in Essence (Nahaad) – with multiple vocal layering to create a sense of urgency in the rhythm. Overall it’s a varied album, well in keeping with what is currently coming out of Tehran. Baaroot is a town in Lasbela, south Balochistan, Pakistan bordered by Afghanistan to the north and north-west, Iran to the south-west, the Arabian Sea to the south.

Album notes: “The album is a rambling around the world of meanings. An attempt has been made in this album to illustrate the unending rotation of life. All compositions in the album, from the first to the last piece, serve to symbolize a life that begins, goes through a gradual evolution, and finally comes to an end. It is an allusion to unrelenting continuity of day and night, birth and death and to an interminable recycling.”