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Music Video – ‘Persian Algebra’ by Sticky K

Sticky K’s track Persian Algebra has been a secret weapon within the moombahton DJ artillery ever since it appeared on Diplo’s Blow Your Head mix back in September 2012. Persian melodies over vocal chants and a rolling moombahton beat, Sticky K (Rod Kashani, San Francisco) creates a global dance floor banger and inicidentally one video we are actually envious of. Sticky K released 2 EP’s on Switch’s label Dubsided and with a ton of remixes under his belt, we hope to hear more of this quality from him in future.  Purchase The Jeffree’s Volume One from iTunes, on which Sticky K’s Persian Algebra appears, click Here:
Also check out his phat electro-techno remix here of the video game Prince of Persia theme tune. Another of Sticky K’s achievement to be envious of!  *Sigh*