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Burka Braves – Fashion for Privacy

Fashion for Privacy - Burka Braves?

New York artist Adam Harvey, always concerned with public privacy, creates a clothing line resembling invisibility cloaks, or the traditional burka for those wishing to avoid the increasing observations of UAVs. Not in the know about these? Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, “drones”) are today ever-present scanning eyes in our skies, “potentially granting governments greater strike and surveillance capabilities than even Orwell’s fictional Big Brother could hope to wield” (Gizmag).

For the hoodie and scarf set, Harvey used materials designed to thwart thermal imaging, which the artist says most UAVs employ to zero-in on targets. Harvey claims his tee shirts also protect a person’s internal organs from harmful X-rays, with an “Off Pocket” trousers accessory that automatically disconnects mobile devices from service providers. Harvey says he is concerned that smart phones keep us in a constant state of ‘alert’ which is ultimately not good for us. Fascinating.