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March Radio Shows

All shows are Friday 19.3-20.00, repeating Wednesdays 13.3-14.00 on 104.4FM across London or elsewhere

mp_full.1March 8th
To mark International Women’s Day, we listen to as many tracks by women in the Middle East and North Africa as we can lay our hands on, the discussion is: why are there still so few and how is that changing?

March 15th
Sound Walk collective record in The Empty Quarter, from the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea, from the Indian Ocean to Syria, the biggest desert scape in the world that has inspired lines about the design of hell itself.

March 22nd

Audio from Art Dubai, where Six Pillars is interviewing.

March 29th
Six Pillars to Persia focus on the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in 3 short interviews.
Camera/Woman (Morocco), Solar Mama (Jordan), & My Afghanistan. Produced by Sophie Lording.