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LOOK. Newsha Tavakolian – New York

LOOK – April 2013

Thomas Erben GAllery, Manhattan, NY presents the very first exhibition by Iranian artist Newsha Tavakolian. Tavakolian is a photographer born in Iran, 1981, whose new series “Look” touches on subjects that are architectural, emotional and political.

“The project was my desire to look deeply into the lives of those around me who I have known for over ten years and who live in my building. I wanted to bring to life the story of a nation of middle class youths who are everyday battling with themselves, their isolated conformed society, their lack of hope for the future and each of their individual stories. Over a period of six months at 8pm I fixed my camera on a tripod in front of the window where I had watched the same view of the city for ten years.
I have tried to capture a moment of each of their stories within the frame of a window that looks out onto the cold concrete buildings which surround us daily.”