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“Parviz Tanavoli: Sculpting the Nightingale”

Tanavoli's hands and work

Tanavoli’s hands and work

Montecristo Magazine interview the heavyweight Iranian artist on camera, in English. It turns out he has the best godfather voice possible!  Here Tanavoli discusses his work, just before his participation in the exhibition Safar/Voyage: Contemporary Works by Arab, Iranian and Turkish Artists at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. The show took 3 years to put together and features 16 major international artists whose work touches themes of migration, war, geopolitics, and aesthetics. What’s interesting is how the curator, Dr. Fereshteh Daftari, former curator at MOMA, New York, has pitched the artists “each of whom is neither fixed inside the territories of the Middle East nor permanently diasporic“. Featured also is past Six Pillars guest Mitra Tabrizian. In the below interview, Tanavoli reveals:

For me, Rumi is everything […] I need no other inspiration because to me he is the master of our universe. […] He has said it all about human attitudes and human feelings. He is very optimistic, and I like optimism.