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Ex-Pencils – Shirin Abedinirad

Artist and fashion student Shirin Abedinirad came into her own after attending a Kiarostami film workshop. Since then she’s produced exploratory work like this, of which her statement is below (translated by us). Performance plays a major part in her work, check our her 2011 underground tube train performance here, about which an interview is also posted on the same page.

During this period I was extremely low because of a break-up I had recently gone through. I thought traveling would be a good way to forget it all but in fact it didn’t work at all. In any case I found my way out of it and in last days of my trip I decided to perform my work in Istanbul, Turkey in one the most crowded streets: Istiklal, which translates as independence. For this I gathered some pencils which my ex-boyfriends had given me, I wore black clothes which had quite an erotic feel for me. I then sat on the street and started to sharpen my pencils. Eventually the police came and asked me to finish my work…I distributed the pencils to the men in the audience.
Shirin Abedinirad September 2012
Performed by Shirin Abedinirad
Camera: Samet Gürçay / Edit: Asie.M