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Middle Eastern Arts and Culture? May Radio Broadcasts

All shows are broadcast Friday 19-30-20hrs, repeated the following Wednesday 13.30-14hrs

Photographer Newsha Tavakolian

Photographer Newsha Tavakolian

May 3rd

New Music from Iran II. Sound designer and composer Hadi Bastani (I o) samples the latest tracks by himself and his peers in Tehran who are part of the new electronic ambient scene in Iran.

May 10th

Peace From the Bottom of My Art. A rather clamorous and colourful show of Iranian art by nearly 40 Iranian artists at The Opera Gallery. We spe

ak to one of the curators and some of the rather interesting artists in a show that includes Tanavoli who is billed as the most expensive living Iranian artist today, Koorosh Shishegaran, Agheli Ghodratollah and Shadi Ghadirian Until May 9th.

Adela Jušić "The Sniper" Bosnia

Adela Jušić “The Sniper” Bosnia

May 17th

Conflicted Memory brings together 8 female artists from zones of conflict that range from Northern Ireland to DDR. We speak to the curator at Alan Christea and Lebanese artist Nina Esber about everything from the origins of racism to work created from the diary of hits by a sniper (father of one of the participating artists). On show until June 1st.

May 23rd

New Music from Iran III, as above part III.

To hear New Music from Iran I, produced by Fari Bradley click HERE