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Currently Listening To… Scheherazad

artworks-000050461793-p0cawf-t500x500Scheherazad is Shahrzad Beheshtian from Tehran, Iran. Her recordings vary from vocals and acapella rhythm to found sounds and field recording. Frankly there aren’t enough girls making music. Here she performs Lisa Gerrard style against a backdrop of raging street protest that at times turns into pure noise. She can do jazz, folk and experiment yet retains the traditional sweetness that is common in women’s voices in Iran, for some reason many women in Iran have constricted voices, that remind one of a small child or someone who is acutely aware they are being listened to and wish to appear innocent and nonchalant, losing the integrity of both in the process. We had this discussion with Mania Akbari once and she agreed, suggesting that women do it – consciously or unconsciously – to make men feel strong and powerful. Whatever the reason, we’ll be glad to hear it purposely subverted in a track somewhere by someone other than the Iranian heavy metal female singers we’ve come across. Just for a change.