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Currently Listening to…Nadine Shah

neil bedford of nadine shahPurportedly a favourite of Iranian comic Keyvan Novak (yes Fone/Facejacker) Nadine Shah’s voice defies categorising. As it vibrates its way towards a near masculine scale one easily forgets it’s a voice at all and imagines that oneself instead is the instrument that the singer is playing. In the sombre and seductive school of Siouxie, Shah’s voice holds court.

British born by way of Norwegian and Pakistani parentage, Nadine Petra Katarina Shah is a vocalist and pianist from a small North East town called Whitburn, that overlooks the waves and jagged rocks of the North Sea. you can hear it in the song below, when she says “yong man“.

Nadine has recently completed her debut album “Love Your Dum and Mad with producer Ben Hillier. You can get the mp3 of Floating from the album legally and for free by right clicking HERE

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