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Announcement! Six Pillars US Link-Up

In August radio shows on Resonance104.4FM take a break as we move towards a schedule change, ResonanceFM will air selected items from our vast archive for the month.
IR_LOGOThen from September a fresh season of  Six Pillars launches, featuring a partnership with the I Ran into Iran art project, previously supported by (thanks for them for the link up). Six Pillars will broadcast a monthly feature from the USA on a variety of topics from Atomic bombs to counterfeit blondes. An audio exploration into comedy, society and issues facing Iranians and understanding Iranians today, produced by artists Katayoun Vaziri and Brian Zegeer.
I ran into Iran is an interview-based, monthly radio program shedding light on viewpoints passed over by popular media, while encouraging a healthy sense of humor in relation to popular narratives of politics waged by both nations and broadcast in the US.

Episode One will be skype fantasies and art collecting with Ramin Salsali of the Salsali Private Museum.