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Currently Listening To….ZAB

zab2I am ZAB, Mohammad Nikpour, I’m 21 and I come from Tehran.

Frankly speaking, I’m hugely interested in Electronic Music, so much so that I spend hours gathering information by researching on the internet, of course my friends helped me learn as well.

Really I didn’t hear about any “sound art scene” in Tehran, but as I’m aware, Electronic Music is not yet common in Iran, people still don’t know about this style. So only a few people work officially in this regard. Instead most electronic musicians upload their tracks to websites such as MySpace, Soundcloud, Spotify,…. The other reason not many work in this regard is that no one respects the artist, unfortunately copyright of tracks is ignored! And this is actually abusive!!

Usually I use Ableton software, and for some pieces, I use keyboards with the software and integrate them!

Generally I listen to music of every style which I find appealing, music which gives me a good feeling.

At the beginningzab of my work in music production, I didn’t know anyone else that worked on electronic music. So I was forced to get information from the Internet and discover software to use. But now, I’ve a few contacts working with me and they help me in this regard. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support.

Before making the track “Struggle” or “No war” , I had a feeling of revenge and thought to use the track as a way of getting rid of that bad feeling, to get ii out. Sure enough, after finishing it, I feel free. Sometimes listening back to this track makes me peaceful or vice versa!!

Finally I would like to thank my family for always supporting me,  and my friends. Also I want to thank you for your attention. I hope we can act freely in every place of the world.

Thank you so much for your interview!