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This Week’s Radio Show – Future Imperfect Symposium Tate


Image: Courtesy of ATP/ Ibraaz

Guests in the studio are curator, writer, and Ibraaz editor Omar Kholeif and Head of Public Programmes at Tate Modern and Britain Nora Razian. Ibraaz is an online platform for the arts, with a focus on Middle East and North Africa. On November 9th Ibraaz extends its programme to a day of debate and discussion around the MENA imagination of and language for the future, post Arab Spring.

The context for this timely discussion is the 1967 “Six Day War’ between Israel and Egypt, Jordan and Syria and which led to the overthrew of  Egypt’s then-president Nasser. A link is made here to the global uprisings of 1968 and the upsurge of civil rights movements which characterised so much of the 1960s. Details about the “Six Day War’ tells us that little has changed for MENA countries, and that the region – then as now – is a magnet for foreign manufactured unrest. So what has changed and can the optimism of the 60s be reignited in the region through language, imagination and activism within the arts?
To answer this question Kamel Lazaar, Tate Modern and Ibraaz bring together speakers from all over the world to discuss “As we move into the future, what will the future look and sound like?”

Future Imperfect: Cultural Propositions and Global Perspectives

The idea of the future, pregnant with an infinity of possibilities, is more fruitful than the future itself, and this is why we find more charm in hope than in possession, in dreams than in reality.

– Henri Bergson

The day’s talk are followed by a programme of short films curated by Omar Kholeif. More details and tickets HERE

The show broadcasts Thursday 17th 19.30pm repeats the following Monday 21st 8.30am. For a link to stream click HERE otherwise tune your radio dial (in London) to 104.4FM

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