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Postcards From Iran II – This Week’s Six Pillars Show

Postcards From Iran II
As far as the most remote producers go, Iran is a high contender. Tehran-based musician Moslem Rasouli brings us yet again, an animated series of voices produced by himself for Six Pillars. Participants were given carte blanche to speak their minds. So, what do Iranians want us to hear?

Sexism is a reoccurDayan-Mano-Yadet-Miad-300x348ring theme, as is a feeling of isolation and, naturally, the effects of global sanctions on the people of Iran. There’s also humour and geological references as well as Zoroastrian History and the educational system. Electronic producer Rasouli creates music that often uses folk and classical instruments, and we hear one of his tracks produced for a video game below the many voices in today’s show. Plus the track by DayanMano Yadet Miyad a surprising blend of dark pop-rock and bro-step. Fittingly for some of today’s content, Dayan are likely named after a village in Khoda Afarin County, East Azerbaijan Province in the very north West of Iran.

Hear Postcards From Iran Part I below.