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Golnar Shahyar uses her voice in a traditional manner of free jazz singing in Persian, adding experimental ornamentation still rooted in vocal traditions linked to jazz. Thus she complements the orchestration as if it were percussion, orchestration that is well performed, have a listen.

The Iranian/Austrian quartet also feature Mahan Mirarab on guitar, fretless guitar and setar. Martin Heinzle deftly handling contrabass, topped by Klemens Marktl subtle and tight on drums

Choub is only two years old, and joins a legion of other Iranian-fusion jazz ensembles, often with a female at the fore, sometimes without vocals at all. However Choub offers a mixture of Persian music and western jazz with Latin and African influences which is what makes it distinct.

“Soft harmonies, dynamism, virtuosity and playfulness define the character of the band. With her nuanced voice, Golnar Shahyar interprets lyrics of the Persian poets, Hafez and Omar Khayyam, as well her own lyrics in Farsi, English and an improvised fantasy language.”