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This Week’s Radio Show – Mariam the Believer on Six Pillars to Persia

Mariam-The-Believer-Saengerin-0-656x240Lovely to speak with, lovely to hear, the Swedish-Iranian singer and song writer Mariam Wallentin – one half of Wildbirds & Peacedrums – launched her new solo record as Mariam the Believer; Blood Donation recently. I’m just gutted I didn’t ask her about believing! As her new single Above the World comes out on February 24th it marks the beginning of her European tour in 2014.

Mariam+the+Believer+IMG_3132Previous releases such as Invisible Giving and The String Of Everything and Something Else, were called “phenomenal” by critics and fans alike. Previously known for her live performances with her partner /husband with Wildbirds and Peacedrums, Mariam the Believer is a solo project that sees a more popular and less tribal approach to delivery. Although we love her wilder work, this new direction is giving Mariam the mainstream attention she needs to grow as a singer and performer, and is most welcome. We discuss Iran, Sweden, the Kinks and holes as well as, importantly the creative process and sense of identity that give Mariam her strength of character, because that’s what makes her music singular; her ability to disregard norms and explore her own ideas.