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Hollywood’s Reign of Terror

kathleenMV5BMTc5MzkzMTQ4OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODUxMjM0OA@@._V1_SX640_SY720_Priceless the joke that tells the truth. American-Iranian actress creatively rails against Hollywood’s racism in her quirky, innovative short film below, Brain of Terror.

Kathreen Khavari is an actress fed up with what she continually experiences as Hollywood’s intense manifestation of USA’s wider racism. Thus she created this six minute short about a woman dreams about her serious identity crisis and self doubt,  seeing herself through the eyes of the American public as a “proud terrorist” after watching episodes of “Homeland.”

“This film came to fruition because I was sick of getting sent out for mostly terrorist roles, which my agent at the time believed was all I could play,” Khavari told the web magazine Colorlines in an e-mail.

Other artists have played with these stereotypes, because they are generally global – some to great effect. Look talibanat Thomas Dworzak a photographer who in 2007 released the coffee table book Taliban.

Here, Professor Kamalipour of Indiana explores how the media, not parents, indoctrinate youth with these stereotypes.


Kathreen in You Are Dead. You Are Here. by Christine Evans

Kharavi was once a public-health-professional with BA in Public Health Infectious Diseases! So naturally she has an Ebola virus tattoo (not visible). In Brain of Terror, she plays all 11 different characters in this chippy short. But will Hollywood pay attention?

Kathreen Khavari performs in the theatre (pictured here in a multi-media production) and in independent films. Her experiences of the mainstream industry in America as an actor for hire are not dissimilar from comedian Maz Jobrani’s, who himself started out as a film actor, landing roles in major but always as a terrorist. Jobrani tells us all HERE.

Kathreen’s lead roles in the NYC debut of the critically acclaimed war play You Are Dead. You Are Here–written by award-winning playwright Christine Evans—and the well-received comedy web series “Famous Farrah,” have established Kathreen as a multi-faceted actor with great range.