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Iran UK Sonics Residency – Short Film

inra uk sonics

Live at Southbank

A short film about our Six Pillars residency held in London December 2013 for sound artists and musicians from Iran living in the MENASA. Five selected applicants performed at Europe’s largest performing arts space, Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall with MA students at University of the Arts, Sound Art Department at London College of Communication.

For the performance the group were tutored by seminal improvising guitarist Keith Rowe who “was to the guitar wash Pollock was to the canvas” in the 1960s-70s avant garde music group AMM.


Keith Rowe

Beyond the performance, the participants also attended daily workshops on aspects of electronics, sound art and the global music industry, alongside members of LCC’s Sound Art Department. They also performed live as just a small group of five for the first time, on the UK’s art-music radio station Resonance104.4FM studios in London. You can see an excerpt of that performance here and listen to longer (audio only) version of the radio performance here. There’s also a BBC World Service feature on the residency here.

#IranUKSonics Residency and Live Performance Queen Elizabeth Hall from SixPillars