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10693231_584184671693455_1808815523_nIt felt like it was long in the coming and you’d be forgiven for thinking if this might never happen. However TEDxTehran really happened last week. And in 2013. Did you miss 2013, you ask yourself? It was a lot more lowkey on social media., yet the 2013 videos are now online for you to see.
With talk titles like “What can we do with 10 hectares of microalgae?” surprisingly, the audience was full, there were also talks on motivation with a view to improving one’s own and others’ lives. This year too, the audience was full, and the talk subjects much more in tune with street culture and global goings on than last year’s. In fact you had to apply to be in the audience “TEDx events are generally oversubscribed. We carefully curate our audience so we have  a diverse, creative mix of leading thinkers and doers in ou10368380_625364257577421_5805120377925004420_nr community“.  There was music (video below) by Sohrab Pournazeri, something the venue Vahdat Hall is certainly used to, and the sense that things were smoother, certainly the social media reach had improved.

Speakers were: Nasrin Hafezparast, Is the world on the verge of another ‘Renaissance’ and what can we expect to be different?

Reza Pakravan, To breakthrough in your career, find your personal calling and achieve fulfillment

Sohrab Pournazeri, What is the “value” of an art work? And how can we preserve this value?

10646910_625879247525922_2283503970924203594_nRamin Sadighi, Understand your unique strengths and weaknesses and embrace serendipity to breakthrough

Tandis Tanavoli & Dr. AmirHossein Mahoozi, What can we learn from the Book of Kings: Shahnameh?

Here’s the intro, although the whole event was in P10580204_919949751366027_1076162140194468944_nersian of course:

I’m sure most of us have felt it…that moment of epiphany, that moment when all our experience, expertise and intuition join forces, over time or suddenly in the blink of an eye, giving birth to An Idea Worth Spreading. What an honor it is, to be part of an event that gives anyone with a tale worth telling, the chance to stand in front of a crowd and just tell it.
Today, 6 of my fellow countrymen and women will do just that: Scientists, philanthropists, musicians, adventurers, and literary minds, all eager to share their insights and see how far their ripple travels.
So without further ado, I hand you over to today’s first speaker; a man whose enthusiasm for life knows no bounds. By pushing his body to the limit, breaking one record after another, and feeding his soul via helping his fellow man, he achieves fulfillment.