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This Week’s Six Pillars Radio Show – É Pique

Image by Fari Bradley,

Image by Fari Bradley,

A play on the notion of the Persian epic, mixing contrasting voices, texts, eras, countries and genres of music.

Featured are ‘Book of A Thousand Nights and a Night‘ from The Arabian Nights translated by Richard Burton and read by Frances Vermont (USA. The nature of the book is refelcted in the mix, which brings together audio from different eras and different regions all with their own versions of epic histories. Stories collected over thousands of years by various authors, translators and scholars make up what we know today to be the Book of A Thousand Nights and a Night, an amalgam of mythology and folk tales from the Indian sub-continent, Persia, and Arabia. No original manuscript has ever been found for the collection, but versions date the collection’s source to between AD 800-900. “The stories are wound together under the device of a long series of cliff-hangers told by Shahrazad to her husband Shahryar, to prevent him from executing her.”

Also featured are  ‘The Epic of the Last Moment‘ – by Mansour Taeed in Persian, Iranian santoor by Siah Barfeh , BRO_THATS_HARAM by DJ Haram (USA), Persian with Has Duniya (UK), and Atari Tunes by KEIZOmachine! (Japan), Boreta ‘Lobegrinder‘, Persian Temptress by Exmag (USA) –  mixed by Fari Bradley in the UAE.