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Electronica from Iran – Siavash Amini

This week’s show revisits the album The Storm Leaves Us Quietly by Siavash Amini, aka The Waterfront (released 2012), who speaks on being in Iran and making ambient electronic music, his second album and working with a European label when he himself has not yet left the country.

The jocular and prolific Amini makes a living out of his music, which is informed a deep sense of contemplation, even escape, on the city outskirts and his upbringing in the south of Iran.

Amini by Anoxia photography.

Amini by Anoxia photography.


What Wind Whispered To The Trees

His latest releases are as part of a compilation of 15 artists, Electrohich, 2014 (heech means ‘nothing’ in Persian) is available on CD Baby, and What Wind Whispered To The Trees (2014) released on Future Sequence, all adhering to Amini’s signature style of rich and deep  fusion played on droning guitar and featuring elements of contemporary classical style.

Broadcasts 9-10pm GMT, repeats Thursday 4pm on Resonance104.4FM.