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This Week’s Six Pillars Radio Show – New Music from Iran VII

Arash-AkbariThis week we listen to tracks from the latest album by Arash Akbari (Odepth) who’s appeared on Six Pillars over the years.  Cracked Echoes features five tracks of varying lengths, but one consistent feel.

As a young producer from Tehran, Akbari has made his name releasing on Oído Records and on compilations with fellow experimental producers making similar sounds from Iran.  Playing mostly guitar and laptop, previous releases of Odepth’s were And Still Winter Paints White, Elements, Lavender Vol.01.

While plenty has been written about his work, with ‘lush’ and ‘warm’ in almost every review, there’s really an experience to listening that is beyond words. So tonight a pure, uninterrupted listening experience, that we’re sure the cars across UK’s capital city will be turning up their radios to hear. Broadcasts Tuesday 21:30 GMT, repeats Thursday 16:00.