A Bridge Far Enough

99adee0d661f47f395fca225ab399fbc_18In a perfect suspension of time and place, the nature of the pedestrian voyage is called into question. For here, the road is more important that the destination. Here, the road is a paradise garden.

In a an already picturesque place like Tehran City​ a 3 tier, winding, pedestrian bridge designed by a 21 year old woman is capturing the world’s imagination winning prizes in New York and across Iran.

With cafes, a viewing platform with which to contemplate the Alborz mountains, it is Iran’s largest pedestrian bridge. Why has Joanna Lumley received such flak, then for her similar pedestrian bridge across the Thames river in London, dismissed as ‘whimsy’? As projects go, one would be hard pushed to call it a self serving one. FinanciaGarden-Bridge-by-Heatherwick-Studio-and-ARUP-7l contraints of austerity in UK, pale in comparison to the hardships ordinary Iranians are facing due to the sanctions from the West. Rice was 6 times the normal price last year for example, and it was “too expensive to even go out” we were told by our colleagues in Iran.

Perhaps if London had been forced to close schools as Tehran has in the past, due to the levels of pollution, inhabitants would appreciate it more.  Or if we knew the figures of those who died in London early due to noise and pollution stresses, such as the 4,460 who Hassan Aqajani, adviser to Iran’s health minister announced had died from air pollution in Tehran in the year after March 2011, the locals would appreciate it.

In a city surrounded by mountains, already (3,665 ft) elevation above sea level, skiing and mountain tops are for many, part of daily life. The ski aesthetic mingles well with regional traditions of the garden.