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New Podcast – JAOU Tunis: Sultan al Qassemi talks to Chris Weaver

After the Bardo Museum attacks on tourists earlier this year, JAOU festival and symposium is more than ever set to hold its annual arts events at the Tunis museum in Tunisia. Sound artist Chris Weaver interviews founder of the Barjeel Foundation, UAE and renowned Arab affairs commentator Sultan Al Qassemi about his participation in JAOU Tunis, from Dubai where they are both currently living. “Personally I’m very much intrigued by post-revolution art and culture in Tunisia. Tunisia is constantly now ranked as the only free country in the Arab world, what does that mean for art, does that mean there is a higher ceiling? What about the taboo subjects that we face in the gulf and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa, can you broach them? Can you approach them? This is a unique opportunity to witness first hand in Tunisia.” Broadcasts Tuesday 21.30 GMT, repeats Thursday 16:00 GMT.