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This Week’s Six Pillars – Artist ‘Hiwa K’ at JAOU Tunis

hiwa k the bell hiwa kTues 2nd June, 21-21:30hrs UK time, repeats Thurs 4th June, 16-16:30hrs.

A series from Jaou Tunis, a symposium on Visual Culture in an Age of Global Conflict. JAOU is hosted each year at the Bardo Museum, Tunis, Tunisia by the Kamel Lazaar Foundation and this year went ahead despite a brutal shooting of 20 tourists by ISIS.

This week’s broadcast features artist Hiwa K, born Kurdish Iraqi, living in Berlin. Hiwa discusses his piece The Bell, (pictured) currently on show at the Venice Biennial in the exhibition “All the World’s a Mosque”. Hiwa made a short presentation on The Bell at JAOU Tunis, which took 8 years to complete and features melted down arms from all over the world, used in Iraq, that were melted down and turned into a bell.

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