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This Week’s Show: Film Director Moncef Dhouib + Dancer Wael Maghni, JAOU Tunis

Moncef Dhouib COUVVVVVV-660x500At JAOU Tunis, a symposium on Visual Culture in an Age of Global Conflict, we spoke to Moncef Dhouib, a renowned Tunisian film director, actor, screenwriter. The symposium took place at the Bardo Museum, Tunisia as it had done last year, despite horrific attacks on tourists earlier this year by militants.

Dhouib is a veteran actor, screenwriter, producer and puppeteer and now pioneer in the landscape and architecture of the Tunisian performing arts. A recipient of the FESPACO award, after Dhouib made four notable short films in the 1980s, he made The Sultan of the City and The TV Arrives.

In this interview, Dhouib describes his project CineVog, creating a theatre complex in Tunis, a model for localised theatres which he hopes will spread around the Maghreb and bring the performing arts back to the people. NB this broadcast is in French.

We also hear from young Tunisian dancer and choreographer Wael Maghni, on how he reconciled his dance practice with his belief in Islam. Maghni also commented, during his participation in the roundtable Maghreb Condition Report I: The Choreographed Body in Tunisian Culture, during the symposium, on the current state of employment and opportunities for dancers and choreographers in Tunisia today. This interview is in French.

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