Art / JAOU Tunis 2015

This Week’s Six Pillars – Aadel Essadani, Arterial Network Morocco

Aadel EsaadaniAadel Essaadani, speaking here from JAOU Tunis, is the director of Arterial Network, a dynamic, civil-society network of artists, cultural activists, entrepreneurs, enterprises, NGOs, institutions, and donors active in Africa’s creative and cultural sectors. NB this interview is in French.

We also hear artist Chris Weaver speak with Slavs and Tatars, a collective who identify “the area east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China”—the landmass where Europe and Asia (Iran) merge—as the focus of their work. Slavs and Tatars delivered a lecture performance at the symposium, and here speak with Weaver about their current research into German Orientalism.

JAOU Tunis was an arts symposium this May in Tunis’ Bardo Museum, looking at art in an age of conflict, hosted by the Kamel Lazaar Foundation.

Arterial conducts research, training and advocacy, and is a member-based, non-profit organisation, Arterial Network operates as a bilingual network with French and English as its official languages.

Essadani is a technical scenographer for the construction and renovation of theatres and concert halls, cultural policy advisor to public and private institutions. He is also technical director of various festivals and associate director of the Institute of jobs in the performing arts, a training centre for technical and administrative jobs in the live performing arts. He founded the Institute of the performing arts of Casablanca that offers professional continuing training in technical and administrative areas of the performing arts, and continues to lead it as an associate director.

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