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Turkey’s Feminist MPs

With the 2015Filiz+Kerestecioglu elections in Turkey, the share of women within parliament has achieved the highest level in recorded history (at 18 per cent).

More importantly, Turkey now has feminist MPs in parliament.

PIcture here is Filiz Kerestecioglu’s photo, taken during her oath ceremony. She had a purple dress and is sporting the feminist badge.

Previously a Twitter trend had taken place against a certain Turkish MP’s urging women not to laugh in public, a campaign then began defying the Muslim politician and questioning the non-secular nature of the government altogether. The ‘@geliyorterlik’ (‘i.e. @theslipperiscoming’) initiative consisted of photos of shoes or slippers in a ‘launch position’. Recall the news about President Bush being launched at with a show by a journalist at an Iraqi press conference in 2008. In many countries, to touch another with the shoe is an insult, as it is dirty.

The movement was sparked by opposition MP Aylin Nazliaka, a open feminist, who after being verbally attacked by fellow MPs from the ruling Islamic Justice and Development Party (AKP) while presenting a motion that would grant thousands of victims of domestic violence residing in women’s shelters the ability to vote – gestured to them as it to take off her shoe to throw at them.

She then changed idea, and said ”I swear to God, the devil in me tells me to take off my shoe and hurl it at you. But I take a look at my shoe and then I take a look at you; and frankly, I say, ‘It’s not worth it.’ Yes, it isn’t worth it.’‘ Her proposal was subsequently rejected by Parliament, where the AKP holds the majority, but the movement took over social media and subsequently the international press.