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This Week’s Radio Show – Artist Ammar Al Attar, “All the World’s a Mosque”

1e65c3e5698445e61ebd12ca1b6363d1 56-231312-sibeel-water-ii1Emirati photographer Ammar Al Attar speaks to Chris Weaver about his part in the exhibition All the World’s a Mosque, curated by Lina Lazaar and JAOU Tunis.

screen_shot_2013-12-19_at_4.00.39_pmWe also hear from Anabelle Boissier, Research Associate, LAMES, Paris who took part in the and specialises in Tunisia. Anabelle took part in the roundtable Maghreb Condition Report II: Visual Culture in the Maghreb.

NB this interview is in French.

Broadcasts Tuesday 30th June 21-21:30hrs, repeats Thursday the following 16hrs.

This is the last in a series of Six Pillars broadcasts from JAOU Tunis. Previous podcasts are available to hear online.

The Kamel Lazaar Foundation hosted it’s third annual festival of Maghreb arts and culture, JAOU Tunis, May 28-31 at locations throughout Tunis. JAOU centres around a 2-day public symposium at the National Museum of Bardo in Tunis, hosting local and international speakers, artists and performers.

This year a group of international Bardo Museum visitors were shot dead by lone gunmen claiming allegiance to terrorist groups. In response, the Kamel Lazaar Foundation wrote an open letter, stating that JAOU would go ahead despite the brutalities, calling on the international arts community to join them in defying the intent of these attacks, which intended “to undermine the nascent democratic model of Tunisia, the country’s economy, the voice of its people, and the vibrant culture of the region by targeting innocent people in a museum renowned for its outstanding mosaic collections and exceptional works of art.