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2ce2e68249fe63e3cf2ce078e968ce7aArtist Jalal Sepehr has been taking photographs of absurd situations involving Persian carpets for more than a decade. 813d7de5a4954e66ccab3ed3d542fb07 2014-10-1377 1249866c789c890f11c738598da9c521 tumblr_mlb65foWxo1rlxjd8o4_1280 tumblr_n2r74i3wQy1rkbgx9o5_1280

Born 1968, in Tehran he is a self-taught photographer who started taking pictures in 1994, while living in Japan between 1991-96.

On returning to Iran, with commercial photographer Dariush Kiani, Sepehr founded the Fanoos studio in 2003.

Currently on show in France, As well as his industrial commissions, he is also into creative photography, fine art and being an active member of advertising and industrial Association of Iran, and the Canadian Association for photographic Art.

His works stage scenarios around a traditional Persian rug, a pretext for reservedly imaginative situations. To some, the photos represent a link between history and contemporaneity, and points to the psychologically ingrained sense of Orientalism in us all.

The works refer to the place of the rug in ancient Persian culture and how that too has endured in modern Iran, as well as the diaspora. The place of the garden and water, often embellished in the rugs, is also highlighted in the photographs.

Most of photos contain a mixture of tradition and modernity features that create kind of conflict and contrast that exist in daily life of people not only in Iranian society but also in some Middle Eastern countries. These are the main challenge that I face in my previous projects and also in my new series that I am working on recently. The frame shows a man seating in a pier covered by rugs; in my opinion it represents the border between modernity and traditional world. I think this photograph reflect the term of “Overseas”.

 Jalal Sepehr, 2015

These are from his Knot series, 2011 digital photograph: 100 × 70 cm / 39.37 × 27.55 in — Edition 6/7 Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Paris