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New Podcast: Art Dubai + Arab Women Entrepreneurs, JAOU Tunis

arabwomenrisingAt JAOU Tunis symposium May 2015, artist Chris Weaver speaks with Antonia Carver, director of Art Dubai, after her participation in the symposium panel ‘Future Imperfect: Art Institutions in the Middle East‘. Following that Rahilla Zafar, author and business consultant speaks with Weaver about her book on Arab women entrepreneurs ‘Arab Women Rising: 35 Entrepreneurs Making a Difference in the Arab World‘.

Antonia Carver has written extensively on Middle Eastern art and film, as a correspondent for The Art Newspaper and Screen ArtDubai International, and was editor of Bidoun magazine before joining Art Dubai, and has written for various publications, books and journals.

Rahilla Zafar writer, editor and business development consultant for Wondros, contributes to The Economist’s GE Look Ahead, an award-winning series on global innovation trends. Rahilla co-wrote ‘Arab Women Rising: 35 Entrepreneurs Making a Difference in the Arab World‘ and is working on a b56-250018-antonia-carver-clint-mcclean-3ook on women in Saudi Arabia.

After the Bardo Museum attacks on tourists in March 2015, JAOU festival did not deter from holding its annual arts events again at the Tunis museum in May of the same year, and put together the programme of discussions, lectures and performances with those events in mind. ResonanceFM podcasts from JAOU Tunis are on http://www.mixcloud.com/6pillars