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A New Suburban Marrakech – Simo Ezoubeiri

8Simo Ezoubeiri lives in Chicago, USA and was born in Marrakesh, Morocco. His work involves film and photography and has shown in France, Spain, Morocco and USA amongst others.

“Marrakech has an immortal ageless beauty. It is a serene, confident, beautiful, cultural, cosmopolitan, tolerant, artistic, and especially a humanistic place in the world. When a place has such characters, it is difficult to notice any changes. I am blindly in love with Marrakech!”
7Regarding this photo series “M’hamid 9”, which Simo feels cover a ‘new suburban Marrakech’, he wrote for us these words: “Photography for me is a pectoral way to tell a story and evoke feelings.

I use the camera as an instrument to preserve life, during the act of living. I employ original photographs as photo-montages through manipulation, and highlight shapes and patterns, colors, and light. This method opens up new perspectives for me with which to engage the viewer.

6In my attempt to tell a story, I invest a good amount of time observing the smallest things that might potentially be a great subject to capture.  The scant human presence can be seen as a leitmotiv in each photograph, but this is how I see and show the world around me. However, this attempt also creates an organic rhythm and mystery which raises new questions. This series depict the life of an area: M’hamid 9 and its architecture. The shots are taken from a single point of view; my parents’ terrace.  The use of this “God’s POV” style for framing/shots as it invites the viewer into myriads of intimate, stolen and fugitive moments within an anthropological, physical space. 5The works are still in the digital photography genre, they explore various elements of inner space in a “new suburban Marrakech”. The street environment and landscape unfold as an unpopulated world. The charm and architectural character of the buildings, the streetscapes and signage help us to comprehend the mostly hidden aspects of modern suburban life style.” 4To get an idea of Ezoubeiri’s scope of style, check out his black and white photography. 3 2