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Autumn Programming – Experimental Music, Middle East and Political Tourism in Palestine

Politicising tourism in PalestineAfter a month’s schedule suspension, ResonanceFM’s live programming schedule is back! With experimental music from both Tehran and Rasht, Iran and a London event examining the politicisation of tourism in Palestine.

Each Wednesday 9-9.30pm, repeating Fridays 3.30-4pm, UK time, (currently GMT+1, or British Summer Time BST) Six Pillars examines the arts and culture of the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. This is the trace area of inter-influence between Mesopotamian, Persian and North African empires, and the Indus Valley civilisation, amongst others, involved in trade across the entire belt, as well as the Gulf for millennia (South Asia: India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and more).

ArtSaves by Parnian GhorbaniWed 31st August
Music from ArtSaves, 29 year old producer Arash Mollakarimi from
Tehran, Iran. ArtSaves began Djing behind close doors at house parties
in the city and in March 2016 released his first album on Bandcamp
‘SEUIL’, music that positions itself as “quintessential early hours
listening, ideal for massaging aching limbs and weary minds”. ArtSaves
has been selected to participate in this year’s Red Bull Music Academy
in Montreal.
Politicising Tourism in Palestine open-bethlehemWed 7th Sept
Highlights of ‘Politicising Tourism in Palestine” part of the Crisis and Creativity event series at The Mosaic Rooms in London, curated by
Shohini Chaudhuri. Featuring speakers film maker Leila Sansour, Ryvka Barnard,
and Yael Friedman, chaired by Nina Fischer. Sansour’s film Open Bethlehem is a personal story that calls for a tourism run by Palestinians, in Palestine. More information:
sepehr haghighi ButterflyBandWed 14th Sept
A bespoke sound piece for ResonanceFM by Sepehr Haghighi, a previous
Six Pillars residency artist. Co-supported by ResonanceFM in 2013, the
residency gave Haghighi the opportunity to study with AMM’s Keith Rowe
and perform at Southbank Centre. Releasing solo online as Surplus Project
(previously Butterfly), and as prog-rock trio Plural Atoms, Haghighi uses guitars and effects pedals to create his work.