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Six Pillars Broadcast: Surplus (Plural Atoms), Rasht, Iran

sepehr haghighi ButterflyBand

Wed 14th Sept
A bespoke sound piece for Resonance104.4fm by Sepehr Haghighi, a previous
Six Pillars residency artist. Co-supported by ResonanceFM in 2013, the
residency gave Haghighi the opportunity to study with AMM’s Keith Rowe
and perform at Southbank Centre. Releasing solo online as Surplus
(previously Butterfly), and as electro-prog-rock trio Plural Atoms, Haghighi
uses guitars and effects pedals to create his work.

As most Iranian electronic musicians are based in Tehran, it’s been interesting for us over the years getting to know how the Rasht scene, in North Western Iran, works. With less spaces and people to populate them than Tehran, with far less international traffic and influence passing through, however a small scene does thrive there. Haghighi has been making music seriously there since 2011, and in 2013 visited London to take part in the Iran-UK Sonics residency. Here Haghighi made field recordings around the city, had a one to one session with Simon King of Superstrings, worked with Chris Watson, Keith Rowe, Veryan Weston and more. Haghighi’s now just begun studying (with our recommendation!) Music Production and Recording, research and practice, at the University of Stavanger in Norway. Watch this space.

Broadcast Times

Six Pillars broadcasts on air on Resonance104.4FM, on digital radio signal and online Wednesday 7th September 9-9.30pm

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