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Six Pillars Broadcast – Cultures Flowing In: Estuaries and Cassettes


raga_caroline-bergvallhttp_cdn-evbuc-com_images_22476942_4088604281_1_originalSounds from the Estuary, where a festival celebrates cultures that entered England on boats from the East sea upriver. Featuring Raga Dawn a sunrise vocal performance to performed outdoors from the last hours of the night until the very early morning. A composition for two voices (spoken and sung) and site-specific sound. “A vocal and vibratory sound trajectory to ease into the slow rising of the day” by artist Caroline Bergvall and Gavin Bryars. Plus we hear an extract from Waterborne an audio work by French & Mottershead installed in the Tilbury Cruise terminal at Gravesend. French and Mottershead said of the work:

Whilst the river is unnamed, the story itself originates from research on the tidal Thames river and estuary, and insights gained from forensic case studies of human bodies immersed and transported by water. We want to give people a sense of the enormous scale of the Estuary, its industry, and how the turbulent and brackish body of water would impact on their body.

1656075_893862077299631_2889470483182292480_nPlus Cassettes in discussion, the first recordable, transportable and therefore fluid music format known to man. What growing up in the era of cassettes sounded like as a West Asian in the UK, what were we listening to? We sample Iranian and Pakistani cassettes with guest Renato Marena and Fari Bradley….Which cassettes did you parents have the in car?

Broadcast Times

Six Pillars broadcasts on air on Resonance104.4FM, on digital radio signal and online Wednesday 7th September 9-9.30pm

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