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Six Pillars Broadcast – Middle East for Trump & Welcome Graffiti in Beirut

kc-trump-14566221_1224114494315390_273516946934460225_oThis week Shamra11542574_10153305950762184_994820874_oix Pillars airs audio from the Kerning Cultures podcast, a widely collaborative project based between Dubai and USA, via other countries.

Their piece Middle East for Trump caught our attention as they interviewed unlikely Trump supporters in USA prior to the highly publicised media circus that is the American elections.

“You eternal_sabah_1can imagine our intrigue when we learned that there is a growing movement among Americans of Middle Eastern descent, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, who are supporting Trump. “

On a more positive note, the bullet scarred streets of Beirut are being given a welcome, poetic lift by graffiti artist Yazan Halwani. Unlike many commissioned ‘graffiti’ artists in the middle east, Yazan work on his projects purely for the shamra11392849_10155657709955274_6666167991009137282_nake of the people and locale he is working in:

“The people that were doing the vandalism were politicians and they were destroying the city, trying to benefit from it. I wanted to do something different – I wanted to do something constructive for the cit y[…] not trying to force myself on the city, on the walls. You have to ask questions about the geographic area, the context, to paint something that reflects the city in a positive way” he told the Guardian



Hosssein Khorram, a Trump fundraiser at Victory Inc., at the Seattle Republican viewing party for the 1st presidential debate. The man beside him wears a shirt referencing a Hillary Clinton comment “you can put half of Trump supporters in what I call the basket of deplorables. The racists, sexists, homophobic, Islamaphobic.”

Maria Abunnasr spoke with Yazan Halwani for this segment, produced by Dana Ballout with editorial support by Hebah Fisher. The Middle East for Trump segment was produced by Razan Alzayani and Hebah Fisher, with sound design by Mohamad Khreizat and Lilly Crown on fact-checking.

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