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New Six Pillars Podcast – Bahrain Music Scene


Informal interviews with musicians from the Bahrain music scene that exist around Malja Studios on Amwaj Island. A collaboration with Maxeem Meraki a local bouzouki player, led to this conversation in which he explains how he, as “a heavy metal fan all the way”, came to love and learn the Greek bouzouki in the Middle East. Bahraini event director and


Maxeem Meraki on Bouzouki

arts programmer, Khalil Rasool also discusses the specific context of working on the significantly small but lively local events and music scene, a self made career he came to through advertising.

“There’s all sorts of people from designers, photographers, filmographers, projection mappers, to straight up artists and graffiti artists, all sorts of people exist in Bahrain, there might not be big communities, some of them, but it still exists and those people still want to push and create a bigger community in their own mediums.”

Malja Bahrain is an outpost of Red Bull Bahrain in the Middle East.