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Six Pillars Broadcast – Zoroastrians Iran to India


Prayers in a cave in Yazd, Iran


Middle East Eye posts this picture of female  Zoroastrian priests in Sth. Iran

polite-artworks-000153311762-seykw8-t500x500“Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest monotheistic religions. It was founded by the Prophet Zoroaster in ancient Iran approximately 3500 years ago.” (BBC)

This week a guest slot from Polite Conversations a serial podcast presented and produced by Eiynah Mohammed Smith in Canada. Mohammed Smith speaks here to a former priest of the Zoroastrian religion, and now journalist Zubin Madon.

This shows listings on Polite Conversations: “In India and Pakistan they are a small and mysterious, dwindling community. We discuss how the religion has evolved over the years, the openness that reform has brought (psst..Islam, take some notes), how this community came to be in India/Pakistan, the reasons their population is declining, some bizarre, fascinating traditions involving “The Tower of Silence” and … *vultures*.

We talk marriage, menstruation, Bahrain, IVF and Freddie Mercury.”

NB -this is an edit of the original broadcast, as Six Pillars is only 30 mins if you want to hear the full length version please go to PC on Soundcloud.


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Image credit and further reading Middle East Eye.