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Six Pillars Broadcast – “The Devolution of Arab Men from Humans to Fodder”

15909462_10154917231924539_679728460_n zaid-al-saud“The Clash of Digitalizations: “The Devolution of Arab Men from Humans to Digital Fodder”

A pithy talk by Saud Al-Zaid, a scholar of radical Islamic thought, at the 33th Chaos Communication Congress [33c3] in Hamburg.

Al-Zaid, who holds degrees in Economics, Comparative Literature, Arab Studies, the Anthropology & Sociology of Religion, and Islamic Studies, was invited to discuss his thesis on the representation of Arab males in video games and the adverse effect it has on the collective political imagination, by the Chaos Computer Club [CCC], Germany.

“It’s righteous violence and extends all the way back to the American war of Independence.”

“The internet never forgets.”

“Drone operators were recruited from the gamer community.”

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