Currently Listening to….La Mirza and Rayess Bek

LOVE AND REVENGE – 21.01.17 @ Le Noumatrouff from La Filature on Vimeo.

rayess-bek-love-and-revenge-credit-celia-bonnin-2-600x375Electro Pop Music and Cinema from the Arab World : an audio visual concert at Noumatrouff – Mulhouse (a city and commune in eastern France, close to the Swiss and German border)  as part of the festival les Vagamondes organised at the La Filature, a performing arts venue, in Mulhouse.

La Mirza (Randa Mirza) and Rayess Bek (Wael Kodeih) pay homage to classical Arab glamour in their audio visual concert,which mixes old Youtube remixes and film extracts. These are accompanied by live performances by the bassist Julien Peeraudeau and oud player Mehdi Haddab. A voyage between cinema and music coloured by nostalgia, love and humour.