Six Pillars Broadcast – Homo Religiosus

Eldad Tsabury Photo © Yves Gigon 2011

Eldad Tsabury Photo © Yves Gigon 2011

Dr. Eldad Tsabary has taught electroacoustic ear training, composition, performance, modular programming, and history at Concordia University since 2005. He also taught sound recording, digital audio, MIDI, synthesis, sampling, and sound for image at Formation Musitechnic. He is the founder and director of Concordia Laptop Orchestra and the President of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community artworks-000002838463-recadd-t500x500(CEC.)

Tsabary writes of himself and the main piece in tonight’s show:

“The term Homo Religiosus has been offered by scientists to describe humans because religion has been present as long as there have been Homo sapiens. This composition is an inter-religious radio-art piece of recorded voice and electronics with content based primarily on contemporary, real-life views about religion, life, and death rather than on ancient texts, as is the case with most religious pieces.

Homo Religosus explores the human aspects of religion, primarily charity, love, prayer, and views about the afterlife. It consists of narration, field recordings and recorded interviews in five places of religious service: The St. Willibrord Parish in Quebec, the Tzu Chi Buddhist Relief Centre in Verdun Quebec, the Ethiopian Church in Jerusalem, the Al-Mahmudya mosque in Jaffa, and the Beit Yosef Yemenite Synagogue in Petach Tiqva (Israel).

The piece is organized in three parts titled “Charity,” “Prayer,” and “Love.” “Charity” employs recordings at the hospitality centre of the St. Willibrord Parish and an interview with its director; “Prayer” fuses together prayers in Gez, Yemenite Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic, and provides a short interview excerpt with a priest at the Ethiopian Church in Jerusalem. “Love” is based on conversations with She Pi-Chen – director of the Tzu Chi Buddhist relief centre in Verdun, Quebec with Fanny Wang as translator.

Being born and raised in Israel – a country of adversity in diversity – is my key motivation in this effort of unification.”

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